- Conceptual Development.
- Research
- Computer Aided Design.
- Rendering Packages.

Inside species, inside looking outside, going outsidePhoto by Christian Stamati on Unsplash


Humans are becoming ever more disconnected from nature. As populations flock to the cities and inhabit the concrete jungles, whilst working longer hours, this is only expected to worsen.

The average person spends more than 90% of their waking hours indoors. 1/3 of this time is spent working – normally idol – at a desk. This causes people to experience a lack of sunlight, fresh air, movement, sensory stimulation, and nature. As humans have an innate connection to nature, this starvation from the outside world is more dangerous than we realise. It affects our health, performance, and mood.


Design a product that uses sensory stimulation and nature to improve the users mental and physical wellbeing and enhance their performance while they work at a desk or workstation.


A multi-sense-stimulating product that uses the benefits of plants to improve the time we spend indoors whilst working at a desk or workstation.







There are lots of different ways this project could have been approached and thus could have been delivered. The geometry of this product is the most efficient at holding plants in a small space. Therefore, the circular/cylindrical design is probably the most effective. However, there are other aspects to the design that could be improved.

After speaking with two professionals in the horticulture industry and getting very positive feedback from both, it is fair to say there is a high degree of confidence for the way the project was executed and delivered. Aesthetics and overall appearances are always a very subjective areas but objectively speaking, this project seems to work. Whether it dramatically improves the time the user has while at their  desk, that’s another story, but I believe from the research carried out about nature connection and sensory stimulation, this project would in fact make the time we spend indoors at our desks better and improve our performance whilst doing so.

Lastly, I would have really liked to produce a proof of concept in the physical world. To show everyone that the design and thought processes worked. I would have loved to see what results a user diary would have shown as to whether the product actually improved peoples time at their desk and at work and perhaps if their performance also increased. This was made difficult due to COVID19.