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Both primary and secondary evidence have suggested that children raised by single parents do less well than their dual-parent-raised counterparts.

Reasons for these are not entirely attributable to the single-parent, however it is clear that ‘development in children is a highly interactive process’, thus a lack of resources for single parents and their children, such as connection and interaction, communication, empathy, lack of father figure, stability and proper relationships with the added implications of experiencing conflict between parents, compound and create inadequate and potentially detrimental environment for ideal child development.


“How can We help single parents provide their children with a more ‘2-parent’ experience.”


Balance is a mixed reality headset for non-amicable parents, that empowers co-parenting and immersive parent-child connection; Exposing the child to more beneficial scenarios and experiences that are seen in two-parent households. 


Whether its connecting with the secondary parent on a deeper and more frequent basis. An additional set of hands from the A.I buddy during stressful times. Or perhaps distracting the child from traumatic events such as parental conflict. This device aims to utilise the technologies of the future to create the best possible environment for the child and empower the par-ents to do their best when raising their child in unfavourable situations.




After visually finalising the design, it was prototyped into an aesthetic model.