Glad you chose to make a change

I just hope something here helps you to get a move on. Time is limited.

Why I started a brand to change my life.

GOYA, an acronym for ‘GET OFF YOUR ASS’. Also, a rather ambiguous word, which I intend to attach a lot of meaning to.



Goya was started after a few near death experiences in 2018. It was my catalyst for change. Using the initial Instagram creation as an 'accountability tool'. Each day content was created & posted about self-development and it forced me to break my habits and subsequently become a much better, fitter and happier person.

6 months after nearly losing my life, I was able to achieve a multitude of things I had never dreamt of doing.

  • Jumped out of a plane. Solo skydive.
  • Ran my first half marathon (13 miles).
  • Ran my first full marathon (26 miles).
  • Ran my first ultramarathon (45 miles).
  • Raised over £1,500 for two charities. (Cardiac Risk in the Young & Greenpeace).
  • Started a brand.
  • Started rock climbing/bouldering.
  • Increased my happiness and wellbeing 10 fold.

Although the events that happened to me are minor compared to some, I know my mental integrity would be severely damaged if not for a strong mind. So I am here to show others how to strengthen theirs.


My name is Angus Galton; I’m a 21-year-old student from the U.K. I am trying to turn negatives into positives and help other people one way or another. Goya has a few products in the pipeline which will provide huge value to a people, things are a bit slow and tedious when trying to do it yourself. I welcome a helping hand.


If the clue isn’t in the name, then here is what I want you to take away from here. Make a plan to improve your life every day from today. Stop at nothing to sculpt the best version of yourself possible. Then go further. Let nothing put you down and take great awareness in yourself. Self-leadership is key.