When to start your self-development journey.

Posted on February 15 2019

When to start your self-development journey.

There is no time like the present.

I know it sounds Cliché … but if you can give me a better answer to the question of ‘When to start self-development?’ Email me, reach out to me on social media … I’ll send you a medal.

If someone asked me that question right now, I would reply with ‘Years ago’ … It’s not the answer I would expect you to have but it is the most applicable for myself. If I was more self-aware back then, I might not have been sent to the hospital where I nearly lost my life. So, for that reason, I used the dated saying, ‘no time like the present’ because you just never know what the lack of self-awareness is doing to you, let alone what the addition of self-awareness and what it could be doing for you.

So, when to start?

Let’s face it … this has an obvious answer.

I’ll give you three choices and If you pick one, I salute you. If you do not, then it’s on you. Only you can handle the lack of results from the lack of effort. If you’re fine with that, you do you.

Your choices;

  2. TODAY

Did you pick one? Yes – Great … No – your loss.


This one wasn’t very long and although it may not have been very informative, I hope it makes you do something today that you wouldn’t have done yesterday.


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